3D Printing services and Applications

Don't own a 3D printer or planning to buy it later? Till then avail our state of art 3D printing services. Write us your requirement and specs at info@techlabsindia.com


Get your architectural concept model 3D printed and visualize a reality with your design.

Understanding the physical 3D properties of an object gives designers a deeper insight into whether an idea really works. From intricate sculptures and functional objects, to biocompatible devices, 3D printing brings a whole new dimension to design.

With our printers, engineers and architects are quickly and accurately realizing their vision at low cost. Even items with complex internal structures or moving parts are easy to realize. Such innovative processes are turning manufacturing on its head.

Teachers are using 3D objects to help students grasp concepts. Engineering and design students are prototyping for projects. And each of them is enjoying hands on learning that inspires their imagination.

Seeking an original take on the world, fashion designers are always on the frontier of what we can wear. And now they’re embracing 3D materials and design, busy creating everything from the exotically impractical to everyday necessities

It’s awe-inspiring to see the difference 3D printing is making to lives. Doctors are planning surgical procedures with it, bones and tumors are being visualized and people are even 3D printing prosthetic limbs. We can print out high quality 3D models for medical uses such as surgical analysis from DICOM files of a CT scan or an MRI scan.

No need to run around the shops to find something special. Print whatever you can think of and make it a unique special gift for your loved ones.