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3D Systems Cube



Cube dimensions:
(with cartridge)

13.2(w) x 13.5(h) x 9.5(d) inches / 33.5(w) x 34.3(h) x 24.1(d) cm

Operating Envelope:

28.9(w) x 20.6(h) x 15.8(d) inches / 73.4(w) x 52.3(h) x 40.1(d) cm

Cube weight:
(with cartridge)

17 lbs / 7.7 kg

Box dimensions:26.3(w) x 20(h) x 14.5(d) inches / 66.8(w) x 50.8(h) x 36.8(d) cm

Box weight:22 lbs / 10 kg


Wireless:Print over WiFi with the Cube Print App for Mac OS X and Windows

Wired:Transfer print files with the USB stick (supplied with the Cube)

Mobile devices:Print direct with the Cube Print App for iOS and Android (available soon for free download)


Technology:Plastic Jet Printing (PJP)

Print jets:Dual jets

Maximum design size:6 x 6 x 6 inches / 15.25 x 15.25 x 15.25 cm

Material:Tough recyclable ABS plastic or compostable PLA plastic


Layer thickness:70 microns, fast mode: 200 microns

Supports:Fully Automated, easy to peel off

Dual cartridges:Each cartridge prints 13 to 14 mid-sized creations


Room temperature:16–29°C (60–85°F)

Non-condensing relative humidity:30–60%


Description:Comes with software to create cube readable files

Print jets:Dual jets

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Product Description

3D Systems Cube

The 3D Systems Cube printer offers a new, compact design, dual color printing, a choice of 23 print colors in ABS and PLA plastics, touch-screen controls, printing direct from your mobile device and print speeds 2 times faster than other printers.

With a build size of up to 6 x 6 x 6 inches (152 x 152 x 152 mm), the Cube offers easy-to-use software on both Windows and Mac platforms that quickly processes your 3D model for its best build result and sends it wirelessly to your Cube printer for immediate printing.

This incredibly easy-to-use 3D printer is certified safe for home use, meets IEC Home Printer Certification 60953 (TUV) and is recommended for children (and adults) aged 8+. Wireless connectivity, insta-load materials cartridges, preloaded filament jets and auto-leveling of the print pad makes for an effortless and satisfying 3D printing experience every time.


3D printing and you

Print what you use. Print what you wear. Print for your home. Print for those you love. Print for your life. Love what you make.

New materials, limitless possibilities

Printing with complexity has never been easier. Break beyond the boundaries set by unachievable overhangs and the laws of gravity, and enter the possibilities of intricate patterns, degrees of freedom and suspension in space.

Convenience in the palm of your hand

Enjoy the freedom of mobile print monitoring direct from the Cube Print App for iOS and Android.

Print fast, make more

Make time by saving time with quick set up, an intuitive color touchscreen UI for wireless and on the go printing that is 2X faster than other printers.

Smart Cartridge for smart printing

Get the most out of your material. With an integrated, snap-in nozzle and built-in stepper motor, the Smart Cartridge enhances your print experience by making it faster, easier, and more reliable.


Kid-safe for every home

Fun for everyone, certified-safe home printing invites children to explore their creativity at home, the library or the classroom. Cube is recommended for children 8+ and meets IEC Home Printer Certification 60953 (TUV).


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