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GCC LaserPro Spirit LS Laser Engraving Machine
All Round PerformanceLaser Head with AutofocusEmergency Stop ButtonBeautiful Leather EngravingHigh Speed DC Servo MotorsGCC-Laser-Pro-Spirit-Laser-EngravingPhoto-Laser-Engraving-GCC-LaserPro-Spirit3D-Laser-Engraving-GCC-LaserPro-SpiritDrag-N-Play_GCC LaserPro Spirit Laser Engraver

GCC LaserPro Spirit LS Laser Engraving Machine

GCC LaserPro Spirit LS Laser Engraving Machine is the missing piece in your operations puzzle, putting you on track for continued growth in your laser engraving and cutting business! With an abundance of useful and innovative features, the Spirit LS sets the standard as the industrial benchmark for laser engravers

Tech Labs India is proud to bring you the GCC LaserPro Spirit LS Laser Engraving Machine to you which is best in the class Laser Engraver for performing intricate Laser Engraving and Cutting Work. 

Spirit LS
Work Area 640 x 460 mm (25 x 18 in.) Extendable to 740 x 460 mm (29 x 18 in.)
Max. Part Size
(L x W x H)
All Doors Closed 762 x 482.6 x 165 mm (30 x 19 x 6.5 in.)
All Doors Open 762 x ∞ x 165 mm (39 x ∞ x 6.5 in.)
Table Size 790 x 530 mm (31.1 x 20.9 in.)
Dimensions 1125 x 720 x 1005 mm (44.3 x 28.3 x 39.6 in.)
Laser Source 12 to 100W 10.6-μm sealed CO2 Laser / 20W & 60W 9.3-μm sealed CO2 Laser
Cooling Air-cooled, Operating environment temperature 15°-30°C (60°-86°F)
Drive Closed-loop DC servo control
Maximum Motor Speed 80 IPS**
Speed Control Adjustable from 0.1-100% (Up to 16 color-linked speed settings per job)
Power Control Adjustable from 0-100%  (Up to 16 color-linked power settings per job)
Engraving Capability 256-level gray scale image processing capability
Distance Accuracy 0.254 mm or 0.1% of move, whichever is greater
Z-Axis Movement Automatic
Focus Lens Standard 2.0″, optional 1.5″, 2.5″, & 4.0″ available
Resolution (DPI) Available 125, 250, 300, 380, 500, 600, 760, 1000, 1500
Computer Interface 10 Base-T Ethernet
USB Type-A 2.0  – For USB storage (Max. 32GB capacity, FAT file system)
USB Type-B 2.0  – For connecting with the computer
Compatible Operating Systems MS Windows
Display Panel 4-line LCD : panel showing current file name, total working time, laser power,
engraving speed, file(s) loaded into memory buffer, setup and diagnostic menus
Safety Class I Laser Product Compliant with EN60825
Class II Laser Product Compliant with CDRH
2006/42/EC Machinery Directive Compliance
Class 4 Laser Product Compliant with CDRH with the optional pass-through door module
Facility Requirements
Operation Voltage Laser below 80Watt, 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz Auto Switching, Max. 15A
Laser 80Watt and above, 200-240VAC, 50-60Hz, Max. 15A
Fume Extraction System External exhaust system with minimum flow rate 640m3/h (CFM 377 ft3/min) is required,2.3kPA negative pressure (Pure-Air PA-1000FS @ 4″ exhaust port)

*Throughput value represents the Max. number of 8 in. x 10 in. 500DPI raster jobs that can be done per hour.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
*The flow rate is determined by a default fume extraction system; the flow rate may vary due to a different fume extraction system.

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Product Description

GCC LaserPro Spirit LS Laser Engraving Machine

Tech Labs India is proud to partner with GCC LaserPro Taiwan to bring their premier products like GCC LaserPro Spirit LS Laser Engraving Machine

GCC LaserPro Spirit LS Laser Engraving Machine has many best in class features, please see below for features.

RoHS Compliance
All GCC products are RoHS-compliant (the European Parliament Directive 2002/ 95/ EC, Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and lead-free (pb free). GCC will continue to concern and provide environmentally friendly products to protect the earth for our further generation.
SmartCENTER™ (Patented)
The super user-friendly SmartCENTER™ function helps end users to easily and automatically locate the center point of objects of any shape vastly eliminating tedious setup time..
Innovative Software Features
Simple step engraving and cutting laser parameters in GCC LaserPro driver, MG380Hybrid will automatically use different laser tubes to do its best output quality. A real smart laser engraver/ cutter ever.
Emergency Stop
Big red button located on the top of the machine allows operators to stop the laser and the motion carriage immediately to provide a highly safe operational environment.
Motion System with DC Servo Motor
The GCC LaserPro Spirit utilizes a high speed closed-loop DC servo motor for precise and fast carriage movement to ensure exceptionally accurate cutting outputs.
AutoFocus (Patented)
Patented Autofocus Gauge adjusts the laser engraver to the precise focal point on the engraving area automatically. The Autofocus is the most effective lens-focusing tool that prevents human error when exact measurement of distance from the surface of the working material is needed.
Easy-to-use position modes allow the operator an effortless way to setup a job with Drag-N-Engrave. Repetitive workflows can be drastically simplified by relocating the origin position to any desired location.
A Built-in LED light module illuminates the working space of the laser engraver and makes every laser engraving detail easy to see.
Pass-Through Front and Rear Doors(Optional)
This convenient front and rear door design enables operators to load extremely long working pieces.
TrueImage™ Engraving Technology (Patented)
The patented TrueImage function employs a uniquely designed laser firing algorithm that presents its most vivid form when laser engraving images with GCC LaserPro Spirit Laser Engraver.
DuraGuide Motion Design
Systematic and reliable motion system embedded with strong mechanical framework and accurate servo motor control technology to deliver superb laser engraving output quality under rapid movement.
Astonishing 3D Engraving
GCC LaserPro integrates laser firing control and image processing technology to create a 3D laser engraving function, the laser system assigns up to different laser powers to 200 levels of grayscale in the image to make the spectacular 3D effects with different slopes.
Built-In Networking Connection
Network connection enables multiple laser engravers to be operated by one PC and multiple PCs to share a single unit of laser engraver. The Ethernet port has made data transmission easier and faster for GCC LaserPro users using network connection. Free your designers with great flexibility and maximum machine versatility.
SmartACT™ (Patented)
Spirit LS laser engraver SmartACT™ is a groundbreaking technology that reduces the ramping process and job running time for laser engraving, which translates into higher productivity.
GCC LaserPro Spirit LS Laser Engraving Machine is one of the best laser engraving machine in India for professional engraving results, good for especially gifting business or any engraving business.
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